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What is a Hollywood Bikini wax?

What is it? : A basic bikini wax only removes the hair that is visible outside of your normal underwear. A Brazilian bikini wax removes hair from the front, back and everywhere in between leaving only a thin strip....
HOWEVER....For the eloquent woman inside you.... THE HOLLYWOOD WAX
The Queen of bikini waxes. Leaving nothing behind and taking everyone prisoner.

Benefits? : Shaving not only makes you unbelievably itchy, but your hair grows back extra quick and extra coarse. Waxing will make your hair grow back much thinner with the first session. The results last for approximately 1 month and done regularly can last up to six weeks. The ultimate feeling of freedom

Is it for me? Well Imagine, weeks of stress free maintenance and you will have your answer. Book yourself in at the Brazilian Waxing Company in Manchester for a Brazilian Bikini Wax.


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