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Is waxing good for my skin?

Waxing is also a great method for exfoliating.  There is often a noticeable difference in the brightness and tone of skin which can be clearly seen during the process and the therapists often like to point this out for you to see.

The Brazilian Waxing Company uses a soft wax which has extracts of aloe vera and manuka essential oils which penetrate your skin during application and leave you feeling moisturized even when the wax is removed.

Waxing also increases blood circulation to the epidermis, this is often seen as redness half an hour after waxing and subsides within a few hours.  This is the process of blood bringing oxygen to your skin and carrying away toxins.

After a leg wax our therapists will treat you to a mini thigh, calf and ankle massage with a cooling lotion to reduce the after-wax sensation.


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