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What is the best type of wax?

The Brazilian Waxing Company uses a trusted brand of wax with extracts of aloe-vera and manuka oil (a relative of the tea tree plant) which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

We use soft wax which is heated to only a few degrees higher than body temperature and does not burn.  Some salons use hard wax which is heated to 47 degrees and is likely to cause discomfort in those with sensitive skin.

Soft wax is applied in one thin layer and remains soft on the skin, this is removed immediately with a soft paper strip and is a very quick process.  Hard wax is applied in three thick layers to a small area, which equals three times the heat and is left to dry completely.  This is then removed as a hardened strip of wax.  This takes approximately twice as long as using soft wax.

Some salons use roll on wax for an extra speedy application.  Some roll on wax allows for replaceable applicators and some are simply cleaned and re-used.  Either way, roll on wax is not very hygienic as there is a high risk of skin cells and even blood spots contaminating the wax which is then applied to all customers.  The Brazilian Waxing Company uses the spatula method where a clean wooden applicator is used for each customer then disposed of.

Our choice of wax has been carefully selected and we’ve found that it reduces hair breakage and can remove even shorter hairs.  Compared to the more common ‘honey’ waxes, our choice reduces the appearance of redness after the treatment.

Our choice of wax is one of the most expensive in the industry and lives up to its reputation and many customers have commented on its comfort and return knowing that they will be treated with only the best quality products.


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